Case Study: adMare BioInnovations

We developed a detailed marketing and communications plan for the launch of adMare’s new brand identity.

The Situation

On completing 10 years of operations, a national life sciences organization of Canada wanted to take stock of all their learnings, re-evaluate what has worked well and what is the best route forward in the ever-changing world of science, business, and public policy. To understand all of the above, they conducted a detailed stakeholder study. As a result, and to mark the natural evolution of the organization, they decided to redefine their brand identity as well as their vision, mission, and values. An integral part of this transformation was to develop a focused communications strategy that considered the results of the stakeholder study. The organization wanted to consolidate all its successes and learnings to date and embark upon a focused journey to become a global leader in the life sciences industry.

The Ask

菠菜资源网 was brought in to support the communications team with the launch of the brand transformation and to develop a communications strategy and approach for the organization. The target audience for the task was both internal as well as external stakeholders.


The Solution

菠菜资源网 began the project by consolidating all scientific research and commercial success examples of the organization. It was important to understand the organization’s stories that could be leveraged through communication tools – internally as well as externally. With a fine-tooth combed approach, PRA reviewed all scientific information to filter those that could be used to inform communication strategy, approach, and materials.

菠菜资源网 reviewed the stakeholder study in detail to extrapolate important information that could use to create the communications strategy. We worked with the communications team to understand the various stakeholder groups and their importance to the organization. The stakeholder study along with the categorization informed our key messages and communications approach for each group. PRA followed it up with specific communication tactics to address the needs of each stakeholder group.

In addition, PRA developed a detailed marketing and communications plan for the launch of the new brand identity. This included creating social media videos, press release drafting, and pitching, story pitching to the media using innovative ideas, identifying speaker opportunities for the organization, creating content for infographics, and overall support for the launch event.

Our Services

We create stories, communications, and experiences that engage audiences, captures imaginations, shift mindsets, and move markets.

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